Corsair RX Series Fans What you need to know

Last year, CORSAIR introduced the revolutionary iCUE LINK ecosystem – is a simple and elegant solution to make building a PC easier than ever. CORSAIR iCUE LINK is built around a single hub that powers and controls each device connected to each other via a single cable, creating a chain of devices.


There are a lot of really cool features built into iCUE LINK devices, but the feature that stands out the most is the ease of installation. If you want to learn more about CORSAIR iCUE LINK Ecosystem, we recommend you check out CORSAIR Explorer where you will find several iCUE LINK products and information on how iCUE LINK works. You can also learn more here on our CORSAIR webpage.

Now, let’s begin and dive into the new iCUE LINK RX Series Fans.


When it comes to crafting the perfect PC setup, every little detail matters. From the CPU to the quality of your cooling system, each component plays a role in both the performance and aesthetics of your dream machine. That’s why today, we’re spotlighting a key ingredient for any PC builder or gamer looking to level up their system: the CORSAIR iCUE LINK RX Fans.

Using several CORSAIR fan technologies, these fans are engineered to push a serious amount of air. In addition, they feature eight fully customizable RGB LEDs and offer an extensive array of color and lighting effects that can be synchronized with other iCUE LINK products to create the perfect ambiance for your setup or match your gaming rig with your favorite colors and effects.

Let’s review the RX’s characteristics and features.



RX RGB Black


RX RGB White




Lets begin with the different models. iCUE LINK RX Fans come in two different models and sizes. The non-RGB versions are available as 120mm and 140mm fans and only come in black. Then there’s the RGB models and those come in two sizes, 120mm and 140mm, but you can opt for them in either black or white.



PWM fans are a type of computer fan that allow for detailed control over the blades’ rotational speed. RX fans are digitally controlled through iCUE with a wide PWM range from 20% to 100%. So, by adjusting your fan’s speed, PWM technology ensures that your components stay cool when they need to without running the fan at full speed all the time. PWM fans stand out from other fan options due to their ability to offer:

  • Enhanced Temperature Regulation: PWM fans adjust their speed in response to temperature changes, ensuring optimal thermal performance.
  • Noise Reduction: Since these fans can run at slower speeds, they tend to be quieter than fans running at full speed constantly.
  • Energy Efficiency: Slower speeds mean less energy consumption, making PWM fans an eco-friendly and cost-effective choice for cooling systems.
  • Extended Lifespan: The reduced wear and tear on the fan’s motor can increase its lifespan, saving you money and hassle in the long run.


The nature of a static pressure fan is that it distinguishes itself with a unique blade design that concentrates air pressure in a directionally focused manner, allowing it to operate efficiently even under the strain of obstructed airflow. RX fans are engineered with a CORSAIR technology called AirGuide, which uses anti-vortex vanes that direct concentrated airflow to your PC components. These fans are perfect for the role of pushing air through the dense resistance of a CPU heat sink or an AIO radiator.

Here’s what you can expect from the RX’s:

RX120 and RX120 RGB will operate between 400RPM and 2,100 RPM and will push up to 74.2 CFM of air with 4.38mm-H2O of static pressure.

RX140 and RX140 RGB will operate between 300RPM and 1,700 RPM and will push up to 95.7 CFM of air with 3.79 mm-H2O of static pressure.


With all the performance characteristics of a magnetic levitation bearing, the magnetic dome bearing goes further by reducing friction at low fan speeds. Not only is it near silent due to the the new bearing, but it supports Zero-RPM mode too. Zero-RPM mode allows the fan to stop spinning at low loads so you won’t hear the fan at all.



The last feature we’ll discuss is pretty unique. RX fans come with an option to add a decorative side plate that installs on the fan frame. This side plate is removable and snaps on and off easily. With the RX version of the fans, the side plates are sold separately but with the RGB version, the side plates are included.



The CORSAIR iCUE LINK family of products is a striking illustration of how technology can evolve to meet the demands of modern PC building. CORSAIR RX Fans encapsulate the principles of innovative design, acoustic refinement, and durable construction, setting a new benchmark in system building and cooling.

If you’re ready to build your next system or want to upgrade the fans in current system, consider CORSAIR RX Fans and find them in our Store.

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*With a side note on the above is that there is a listing for the RX120 (120mm) and RX140 (140mm) in pure white no RGB, We are waiting for stock to arrive at our suppliers from then will be able to add images and descriptions to them as their Black counterparts.

We were very excited to list these fans purely on their design aspect.