Tech Guy SA – Voted Top Gadget and Tech Store in South Africa 2024

So we have been voted on Mybroadband Top performer. Again!


This is all thanks to our customers well done and thank you for the support and reviews. Without reviews and feedback we would not know where we stand with service. Service is key and will always be a priority.

“Tech Guy SA had the highest pure average of 4.95 out of 5, primarily thanks to favourable ratings on Hellopeter. It was followed by te** and Tec******bi with ratings of 4.82 and 4.69, respectively.”


Even though we came second to Futurama which is a well established company thats along been around longer, well done guys (that and a thousand plus reviews more).



~Source: (For respect with other stores we blurred out the names as you can read them via the link below)

To Read the full article on mybroadband Please click here

The aim now since this is the second year in a row is lets aim for #1 spot