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Ecoflow AC/DC Automatically turning off (various models)

Ecoflow Delta and River series AC and DC turning off?

We have been noticing some customers with River 2 Max having the same issue as the Delta 2 where the AC and the DC outlets automatically and randomly turn off (intermittently).

After speaking to Ecoflow there is a fault with not just the Delta 2 and sounds like a few models were affected.

What to do?
For now we wait for the update but seems that the version number we got was not going to be the same but if the update in this week comes with a notice about the FIX AC and DC outlets then you know its the fix, we recommend waiting for this update that should come in this week.

We will keep the two blogs updated once this update is out its hard to determine if it truly fixed the issue only after about a day usage as our Delta 2 is doing it less but once a day or twice (mostly while connected to the wall and not running on the battery).

Seems that when in battery mode it happens less however can’t say for certain as each user experience may differ to ours on this.

Should i trust Ecoflow after this?
Yes considering their support is pretty spot on and their products are rock solid. Any electronics in the last 10 to 15 years almost always require updates and fixes. Even your Smart TV requires an update from time to time. So updating is not an issue and at least Ecoflow is owning up to it and resolving the issue.

What if i didn’t buy from Tech Guy SA?
Well your machine maybe affected as well, if you have questions on your Ecoflow product we will be happy to advise on which ever matter you have on this. The only thing we cannot do is book it in for repairs if it was not bought from us.





Should you require any assistance with Ecoflow directly which we recommend before booking in repairs feel free to contact Ecoflow support on
EcoFlow ZA Support




After waiting an extra week for the update can confirm that the update has resolved the issue completely. If you did not get the update contact Ecoflow support with your Serial number so that they send to that machine which was in our case.