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New AMD Ryzen 8000 Series. Ryzen 7 8700F and Ryzen 5 8400F

AMD expands Ryzen desktop options with graphics-less 8000F processors.

Following the launch of the graphics-equipped 8000G series, AMD unveils the Ryzen 8000F lineup. These new processors target users who already own a dedicated graphics card by offering a pure CPU solution based on the mobile APU design. While the previously released Ryzen 5 7500F offers a similar option, the 8000F series might be more appealing for those seeking features like Ryzen AI (XDNA). Notably, the 8-core Ryzen 7 8700F could be a strong contender for gamers who prioritize this technology.

The below Shows the performance compared to Intel equivalent. ~Source AMD

What is Ryzen AI?

AMD Ryzen AI Revolutionizes AI PCs for Everyone

AMD Ryzen AI brings the power of personal computing closer to you on an AI PC, unlocking a whole new level of efficiencies for work, collaboration, and innovation so that you can stay connected better with the world around you.

It’s important to understand that currently,

Ryzen AI doesn’t offer direct in-game performance enhancements. Ryzen AI focuses on background tasks that can improve your overall PC experience for gaming, not the game itself. Here’s how:

Smoother video conferencing: If you stream yourself playing or chat with friends while gaming, Ryzen AI can ensure you’re always in frame with features like Automatic Framing and Background Noise Reduction.

More efficient multitasking: Ryzen AI can help manage resources better when you have multiple programs running alongside your game, minimizing performance dips.

Potential future applications: The AI capabilities of Ryzen processors are constantly evolving, and developers might integrate them into future games for features like intelligent enemy AI or improved graphics rendering, but this is not a widely available feature yet.

Overall, Ryzen AI in gaming focuses on creating a smoother overall user experience by handling background tasks more efficiently. While it doesn’t directly boost in-game performance, it can help make your gaming sessions more seamless.

Available from 14th May 2024

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