What shipping methods are available?
We are using The Courier Guy as our shipping method. You, the Customer, have an option during checkout for shipping insurance. Please see T&C’s
Time to time we may use Other Couriers to fulfill orders. Television sets due to the size are shipped via Suppliers.

How long will it take before my item is fixed?
Repairs may take up to 21 Working days depending on the repair agent. Should there be a delay, the customer will be notified. Out-Of-Box Failures (within the first seven days) may take 5-10 working days should stock be available. You, the customer will be notified.

Do you ship internationally?
Only on special requests. However, the customer takes responsibility for the warranty outside of South Africa.

How can I track my order?
You can track your order via The Courier Guy track and trace website (click here). Please use your waybill number emailed to you once the order has been completed.

More Questions

I have changed my mind. Can I still cancel order? If payment has not been made Yes. Simply cancel your order on your account page.
Please see Terms and Conditions. How can I track my return order? Orders will be updated and notified to your email address (Please see in junk mail should you not receive it) You can also track it on Order Tracking at the bottom of our page.Will you be doing console Gaming? Currently working on this however suppliers for Sony PlayStation Consoles have closed any new accounts till they open them again.
As for Xbox we did do them but for the time being as they are extremely hard to source we stop doing them for the time being.

We will be doing it in future but feel free to contact us. How can I return an item?Please see terms and conditions.

Do you Price Match?

Yes we do only on the following conditions.

Conditions for price matching:

You Provide link to the stores page that has the exact product. The Price is valid (Say they have a regular sale and the price is valid) It is not on a Opening / Seasonal / Birthday Sale / Black Friday/ If it is still profitable.

Only South African Retailers / eCommerce stores No International Stores or distributors. MUST Show in stock We may request payment be done over EFT instead of other gateways depending on factors. Stores with bad reputations May be rejected for Price matching (Such as 1 out 5 Ratings for no service / deliveries). Fake Online stores (Scammer stores)

If it is a physical store we will email you back requesting a scan of the catalogue page, must have starting and ending dates. You may simply take a photo as long as it is clear.

The fulfillment address is your shipping address. Should you make a mistake please email us with your Order number to correct this “Before” Shipping takes place.

Yes! However, anywhere in South Africa that is via our Courier(s) Network.

We accept EFT Payments as well as Card Payments via the YOCO Platform during Check out. and recently with Happy Pay where you split your payments into 2 months.

Credit Facility which are Mobicred / MoreTyme via Payfast.

BNPL method would be via Happy Pay

E-mail us at, letting us know that you will be returning an item.  Please take note on our Terms and Conditions.

Once you have finished adding items to your Shopping Bag, simply click the “Check Out” button on the Shopping Bag page and we will guide you through the check out process. At times it does not update simply click on cart on the top right page. Or clear any cookies from your browser.

This may happen. Please contact us before making payment so we can Calculate on the order and correct it for you as the order wont go through without it.

Touch wood this does not happen however These can occur. At checkout you are given a choice to opt in for shipping insurance that covers up to R30 000 from our couriers. What this means is should you take insurance on an item you are covered should their be theft or hijacking of your Item(s). However Claim form will be submitted by us to couriers on your behalf. No refund process will take place. Claim may take 20 working days to claim. The Process needs to be done within 24 hours as you would be notified by us before hand or the couriers. Any Excess fees are covered by you the client T&C’s

Insurance is free on orders under R1000
Anything from R1001 upwards it will charge which is calculated at checkout.
Shipping insurance is non refundable and cannot opt in insurance once Couriers Has collected your item as it has to be done before hand (Before we process everything on our end to completion).

Should stock be depleted to reorder or costs at supplier rise the customer would need to pay the difference however we will calculate without margins and done so over EFT only. Any refunds will be on our discretion.

It has happened before and we have handled everything as swiftly as possible. Should it be an item value of R1000 or lower we can ignore the 20 day Waiting period as long as it is pre approved.
This is unfortunately the reality of hijackings / protests / Vehicle Accidents. Our Couriers do their best to avoid them and cause delays to avoid them.

Tech Guy SA to make browsing easier, hides all out of stocks on the catalog. We do however source the out of stocks from one supplier and change it to another supplier. Should you not find what you are looking for feel free to contact us.

Yes you can. We have secured two options for customers.
Option 1: RCS via PayFast. You can purchase on credit with monthly installments. Please see here for more on RCS.

Option 2: Mobicred via Payfast. You can purchase on credit with monthly installments. Please see here for more on Mobicred.

Payflex is a Buy now Pay Later payment method with no interest of fees Split into 4 Instalments. For more information please click here

Happy Pay is a Buy now Pay Later payment method with no interest of fees split into 2 Installments. For more information please click here

Follow the steps here (Click me)

Yes you can pay with Apple Pay via Payfast. How does it work? Well this is activated once using an iOS device using Payfast as your payment method in checkout. Once there, you can select Apple Pay which will open your “wallet” app where your Bank Card is loaded  and can use your card in this method. Apple Pay only works on iOS / MacOS /iPadOS

Yes you can pay with Samsung Pay via Payfast. Simply Select Payfast as your payment method and select Samsung Pay. Log in to your Samsung Account and follow instructions. This works on all devices and browsers.

Follow the steps here (Click me)

Our PC Builder will be one of a kind. Admittedly  however development take a little slow but once it is done it will be done. Feel free to contact us should you require information on which part fits etc.

Orders may take 1 to 5 days to process. This is usually done within 1 day. However this is dependent on When stock is available / EFT Clearance / Payout Clearance.

In some cases stock has to come down from Johannesburg to Cape Town before shipping directly out (usually within 2-4 days) unless we are able to ship directly to customers speeding delivery times up.

For example EFT done to Tech Guy SA from bank to Bank may take 1-3 business day but direct deposited reflect within 1 hour, Depending on time of the day the order may be processed within 1 hour or Next Morning.

*Dispatching times.
EFT Dispatches once cleared into our account.
PayFlex Dispatches within 1-2 days.
Yoco (Card/EFT) Dispatches after 2 days.
Happy Pay & PayFast Dispatches after 4 days. Items only dispatches during working days.

When orders are placed by customers and status is “processing” Tech Guy SA immediately places the order(s) with suppliers to secure stock. There may be rare occasions when stock is unavailable to order we will then source and or seek alternatives but communicate to you first.

Stock syncs with Suppliers Warehouse feeds directly and or updated in the mornings.

This is dependent on the order / Location of the product(s) and your Location. We pull stock from suppliers in Cape Town / Johannesburg / Pretoria Mainly but may come other locations of the country and may depend on your location.  Usually these are the time frames
Economic Shipping
Local Delievery (Cape Town Surounds) – 1-2 Days
Main City Centers – 2-4 Days
Outlying Areas – 3-4 (Possibly 5 Days)

Some Area’s may require 1 extra day depending on the location of stock Ie Stock is in Cape Town but shipping address is in Durban. This will be communicated to you once the order is ready for couriers.

Express shipping is 1-2 Days

We get these questions a lot and it is a valid question.
We synchronize our main suppliers from their warehouse feeds from multiple branches
Cape Town and Johannesburg.
Some suppliers we update manually multiple times in the day. Mistakes may happen were sync does have a 20-40 minute delay.

in Stock with supplier = Stock is with suppliers warehouse.
Available on backorder / Request = It is available to back order or its an item to request stock.

Requesting stock usually from a supplier that has to be called in to confirm stock unless there is a ETA above.

Supplier is out of stock = There is no stock however do contact us as we may source as many suppliers carries the same stock but the stock feeds overrides quantities.
Alternatively fill in the “Get Alert” underneath we will be mailed a report and should we find the stock will email you the availability and/or will be notified once the item is back in stock.

End of Life items (EOL) = Stock “Supplier is out of stock” with a EOL at the end of the title of the product usually means the item is end of life or the supplier does not bring these in anymore.

Alternatively contact us as we ready to assist.

This from time to time has come up around Forums / Chats etc. The best way to prove we are a Legitimate store is in the pudding with Google Reviews / Hellopeter Reviews / Facebook Reviews.
Customers may contact us to confirm the legitimacy of our Store / Business we are an open book.

As of August 5th 2022 We are VAT Registered. Our VAT Number will be displayed on our PDF Invoices. Should you need to add VAT on your Order Simply add your VAT at checkout under Business Name.

Once a year in October for Halloween we release the spiders and bugs out to play. We keeping it as a tradition as we found it funny and really cool. Warning on the last day There are a lot then we put them back and let them rest for the year.