Ecoflow Delta 2 – Firmware issues (ATT Customers)


It has come to our attention specifically with our Delta 2 we using to keep the PC’s on that the latest firmware V1.0.6.24(Wi-Fi) if you have a version below that do wait for the one after as the current one optimises Bluetooth however causes a issue where the AC and DC *(including USB) randomly turns off with no error being displayed.


We reached out to Ecoflow yesterday and got feedback today that this is a new known issue and the updated Firmware will resolve this issue.

Now from an Ecoflow Group we on noticed one user (not from South Africa) got this update that resolves the issue)

Some users are experiencing this and also not seeing the update just yet (those that are in European regions).


But good news according to Ecoflow Support.

“Dear Marc,

Thank you for contacting EcoFlow support.

I will appreciate for sharing such a detailed experience with us,actually it’s a known issue caused by the firmware.

The unit will be switch off automatically even it’s fully charged.

Next week we will release a new firmware to fix this issue,would you mind to wait at that time to install the firmware after receiving a reminder?

As for the noise,if it’s still occurs after upgradation,please send a video shows the sound,I will upward this to technical team after that.

Looking forward to your reply.


EcoFlow Customer Service Team
EcoFlow ZA
T: 0800 880 002 (8:00-17:00 GMT+2, Monday-Friday)
[Power a new world](”


So what we recommend currently to protect your AC appliance is disconnect any appliance on the Delta 2 with this issue while we all wait for the Update in the following week. (The noise in the above reference was that when Load shedding started it would be a load cross over from grid to battery to which caused a big delay and shut everything down and back up again we think this is part of the issue luckily that happened once.

We do have ours on just the battery and only powering DC and 2 IP phones as we can live with those turning off and back on.


Marc Cognet – Tech Guy SA Owner





UPDATE THAT RELEASED TODAY IS NOT THE UPDATE WITH THE FIX. Can confirm this did not resolve the issue so we will await the fix and keep this blog posted.



After waiting an extra week for the update can confirm that the update has resolved the issue completely. If you did not get the update contact Ecoflow support with your Serial number so that they send to that machine which was in our case.