Work in progress

****Conflict with attributes**** Alternative in works tweeking styling (images not showing)

Styling (98% Done) (Add ATT on final)

Configuration. (99%  Done with entire catalogue)
Config CPU/Mobo Windows 11 compatibility – Done (Tested 3350G CPU)
Config Motherboard Nvme slots / Sata Slots for storage selections. – Done

Once done will run test once that is done will send mailer to all sub users.
Sign up to our news letters. (90% focus is on this builder at this time)
Will configure advance for Headers and Multiple Fans support afterwards (if AIO config doesn’t interfere) Otherwise users can add to cart after monitoring their chassis selected and AIO (if)

– Uploading Configurations from Datasheets. Will run test and compare.

Chassis Config – Done
Graphics Cards Config – Done
Processor Config – Done (Testing physically a 3350G CPU on W11)
Motherboards Config – Done (OS Compatibility)
Power Supply Config – Done
Processor Coolers (Air / AIO) – Done
Storage – Done (Assigning to motherboards list)
Operating System / Software / Anti Virus – 99% Done (assigning)
No Selection Processes – 50+/-% Done (final part should take an hour or two)

Chassis VS Motherboard – OK – Update (Conflict size and CPU Comp)

Stat entry 8 April 10:09am

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