Terms And Condition On Pre Orders / Back Orders

18th March 2021


Pre Orders / Back Orders that are listed on Tech Guy SA Will be available from time to time.

The customer should they order any Pre Order/Back Order products agree to the following.

    1. Any Pre-order/Back Orders Pricing is subject to change without Prior notice, the customer will be informed should such pricing changes. You will have to pay the difference in for the back order to be fulfilled.
    2. Products name and description including specifications are subject to change without prior notice and may be updated on the products page.
    3. Payments must be completed for Pre orders/Back Orders to be fulfilled no holding of stock without payment.
    4. Stock is not guaranteed but Tech Guy SA Will do its best to allocate stock for the customer.
    5. If stock of Pre order(s) cannot be completed due to no stock, the customer will receive a choice on a different product and or credit/Money back. Supplier Dependent May have a handling fee.
    6. Stock ETA is of no Guarantee due to the challenges the industry is facing. (eg. Can take weeks or months)
    7. Should a customer change their minds on the pre order, customer must contact Tech Guy SA via email on info@techguysa.co.za requesting change on the pre order/backorder. This must be done before completed.
    8. Should refunds be allocated Tech Guy SA will only refund the amount due no fees that were paid will be refunded. (e.g bank/Card Transaction fees).

Any questions you would like to ask feel free below.

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