With the nature of this Particular Pre Order.

  1. Orders must be paid in full to qualify as a pre-order.
  2. Lead time is 7 (seven) to 12 (twelve) weeks.
  3. Lead times are not guaranteed due to worldwide logistical challenges.
  4. No Cancellation is allowed. Should you cancel there will be a handling fee calculated at the time of the cancellation..
  5. The Price is subject to change without prior notice but the customer will be notified.
  6. Should the price increase the customer is liable to pay the difference. If the difference is not paid the order will be canceled and a handling fee will apply.
  7. Should the price decrease Tech Guy SA will credit the customer with store credit.
  8. No Returns on this Product (Crypto Mining Cards such as the 30HX).
  9. No Holding of stock, once amounts are paid and stock arrives Tech Guy SA will make contact with the customer to confirm delivery.
  10. Shipping insurance is optional. T&C with The Courier Guy.
  11. On the off chance we, Tech Guy SA, may use another courier company to ship these products (Via Supplier directly to you).
  12. No Price Matching on these pre-order products.

The following Cards are under this Terms and Condition.


Asus CMP – 30HX – 26MH/S Crypto Mining Card 6GB

19th March 2021
These condition are subject to change without Prior Notice