Whats new on Tech Guy SA

What’s new on Tech Guy SA? June Edition #1

Whats new on Tech Guy SA June Edition (Part 1)


Survey Results

So with the start of a new month we revised from April/May’s Survey for the year.

Many valid things were posted into the surveys a good few on server speeds which was checked mid month May but is more of a optimisation than just moving onto a bigger more expensive server.
This is something we will be working on soon mainly the homepage may need bit of rework as the images etc take a bit of brandwith on loading.

Compressing code without breaking anything but believe its as compressed as it can be.

One person mentioned with the new site looked odd with white background images on products over black background so have changed this ever since it was mentioned as we planning on changing all the images (extremely long process)

So every new product added to the store has no background resulting into a blending with the background nicley does take extra effort in some products but looks good.

A client did mention about a credit system so in May implemented a Wallet system so customers can buy Credit for later. Have updated Terms and Conditions for this.
For wallet please click here (Takes to new page). Now Wallet features a good thing things.

  1.  Top Up your Wallet for future purchases.
  2. Any Item you have purchased should you leave a review you get Credit for said review (only on items you have purchased on your account)
  3. Cash Back. All items in store excluding shipping comes with a cash back that will be topped up to your wallet automatically once a order is completed. Terms and Conditions will be updated on this later in the month (Such as Wallet Credits will reverse if the order is refunded).
  4. Referrals. Should you refer someone to Tech Guy SA and that said person makes a purchase value of R500 or more you get credit. (Terms and conditions will be updated later in the month.

Now these new features is a test to see how it goes does it work etc. (only one way to find out).

Other things from the survery has been revised and working on. Many others going through from the Survey as we go as well.


Shipping fees on our end has increased little over 15% of the costdue to fuel increases recently. The outcome is as follows

  1. Express shipping has been disabled till the end of June however this can be requested by the client, due to the increase as we are revising the costs.
  2. Shipping fees currently have not been changed till the end of June it is aprox R10-15 per tier increase so if you were paying R100 it may increase by R115/R120 aprox once it is revised through the month as well take the knock for this month to analyses the costs but aiming for R110.
  3. Promotional Shipping has been disabled for now once it is revised we will look into the new conditions regarding this.



Have seen people request competitions. As budget allows for this in time competitions will be made when possible.


New Products

A range of Logitech Products have been imported into Tech Guy SA from 3 suppliers. We are still loading them as over 90 have been added from Office keyboards to Gaming peripherals and including Video Conference Camera’s and microphones for your office needs.

This being said have also added the rest of 3Dconnexions range as well for the CAD users (Architects).

Keychron has been refreshed and now have access to the full range from Supplier. This is being loaded soon in this week.

Ryzen CPU’s have been updated as there are Ryzen 5’s have been released as well as  Ryzen 7 5800X3D

More DDR5 Ram were added end of May start of June from Kingston to Corsair.

More USB Flash Drives from Kingston have been added

Many more Peripherals will be added as requested but clients.

As well as Load shedding solutions.





When it comes to load shedding the best sellers were the Ecoflow River’s and RCT T1000S which have completely sold out since end of May however suppliers should be restocked by end of June or Mid July on these.
Will be adding more to that list as well during the course of the month.

Lelela has been doing well as well as Ellies.

At the time of writing this blog the T2000s there is 1 in stock.


Upgrade kits

Upgrade kits will be revised in the coming week


PC Builder

This has been worked on for months Click here bit before our competitors but we hit a snag with compatibility through the builder is allowing some items to show up when they dont fit in the chassis such as a 360mm radiator in a case that can only handle 240mm max this has been worked on but we will re do the builder in another method to have it perfectly placed so there is no issues it may be split into two or three parts Intel and AMD if need be a third option to cater chassis with built in power supplies or ITX chassis. This will be worked on the course of the month. Updates before final version is completed will be sent via mailers and social media.


With operational cost gone up (mainly fuel) are revising things but besides shipping fees that have increased on our end we are keeping the margins as they are and of course pricing is dollar rand exchange via suppliers dependent.

Aim to try and keep costs as low as possible. If we get better pricing you get better pricing.


Ill admit that blogs posts and marketing on social media is lacking and is being worked on. More of these blogs will be posted weekly to help our clients understand what is happening what new changes have been made and what items have been released. So stay tuned.

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